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36th Judicial Circuit Court - Friend of the Court Staff Directory


Our Office Phone Number is (269) 657-7734.

The Office of Child Support's toll free number is (866) 540-0008.


Director/ Friend of the Court
Lynn Bullard

Deputy Friend of the Court
Alice Yonkman, ext. 1502

Attorney Refereea
Lynda Pioch

Joseph Hohler III

If you wish to establish a paternity or child support case you may contact a private attorney or contact the Support Specialist at the Department of Human Services. The Support Specialist can be reached at (866)661-0005.

Theresa Szakas, ext. 1520, Office Attorney

Heather Stately, ext. 1512, Legal Assistant

Early Intervention Case Manager
Abel Munoz, ext. 1524

Custody and Parenting Time
The custody and parenting time case manager can answer your questions regarding custody and parenting time. 

Aaron Rosecrans, ext. 1518, Custody/Parenting Time Case Manager

Michelle Svilpe, ext. 1528, Customer Service Specialist

Medical Support
Stephanie Peters, ext. 1507: Questions regarding medical support; demand for health care; and health insurance questions.

Support Enforcement Officers
Support Enforcement Officers can answer your questions regarding the modification and/or enforcement of child support, but not medical child support. Enforcement Officers are assigned to cases based upon the first letter of the father's last name.

Deborah Hammond, ext. 1510 (A, B, C, Q, Y), Enforcement Officer

Amanda Hoefle, ext. 1526 (F, G, H, J), Enforcement Officer

Lisa Kissinger, ext. 1516 (R, S, T), Enforcement Officer

Rebecca Bogren, ext. 1537 (D, E, I, K, O, U, V, W, X, Z), Enforcement Officer

Martha Moore, ext. 1527 (L, M, N, P), Enforcement Officer

Ann Fry, ext. 1504 (F, G, H, J, K, O, Q), Support Specialist

Tammy Beam, ext. 1514 (I, L, M, P, R, Z), Support Specialist

Jonique Shipley, ext. 1521 (A, B, C, D, E, Y), Support Specialist

Abbie Jones-VanHeukelum, ext. 1503 (N, S, T, U, V, W, X), Support Specialist

Warrant Officer
To report information about a payer with an outstanding bench warrant, contact:

Deputy Miriam Sipes, ext. 1513

Deputy Wil Ampey, ext. 1509

Front Office Customer Service Specialist and Scheduling Clerk
Mark Graham, ext. 1501: General questions about your case; and scheduling or changing a referee hearing date.

Accounting Department
The staff in the Accounting Department can answer your questions regarding income tax refund intercepts, audits and ordering financial histories.

Judy Maring, ext. 1505: General questions or questions regarding ordering financial records; account printouts; and FOC email. 

Tina Singleton, ext. 1508: Questions concerning income tax refunds or intercepts; monies on hold; confinement costs; and escheatments.

Jenna Reinking, ext. 1525: Questions regarding vendor billing; the Friend of the Court portion of this web site; and special projects.

Kristine Deaner, ext. 1515: Questions regarding account adjustments; abatements; emancipations; and high school verifications.