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County-Wide Road Millage


 A new county-wide road millage proposal to fund road repairs on Van Buren County’s Primary Road Network was struck down by voters on November 6, 2018 for a second time.  Van Buren County has about 348 miles of Primary Roads, the majority of which are considered to be in failing, or poor condition. 

 Engineer-Manager, Lawrence Hummel, expressed his disappointment in the failed millage and stated, “The Board of County Road Commissioners has a difficult task before them over the coming months, and years.  The current budget only goes so far, and with the failure of the new road millage proposal, motorists can expect to see a further decline of the Primary Road Network.  The Board will have to determine how to best allocate funds so as to maintain the Road Commission’s infrastructure assets as efficiently and cost effectively as possible.  This will likely include the pulverization of additional miles of now paved roads in order to effectively maintain a reasonably safe road condition.”  The Van Buren County Road Commission has scheduled their annual meetings with their Local Township Partners to begin to have these discussions.

 Hummel went on to say, “I would also like to express a sincere thank you to all residents who took time from their schedule to attend one of the Road Commission’s many Public Information Meetings held regarding the road millage proposal.  The attendees took valuable time from their day, or evening, to give our agency an opportunity to answer questions and provide them with information regarding the road millage.  Even though the road millage was not successful, their willingness to spend time with staff so as to better understand what the Road Commission hoped to accomplish with the millage was greatly appreciated.  And also a big thank you to those voters who did vote to pass the millage.  It is good to know there are significant numbers of citizens in Van Buren County who understand the difficulties our Road Commission is facing, and who supported our effort