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Forfeiture and Foreclosure Timeline

Year of Issue

Delinquency Year

Forfeiture Year

Foreclosure & Beyond

July 1, 2019

Local treasurer issues summer 2019 tax bill


March 2020

County buys unpaid 2019 taxes. County Treasurer begins delinquent tax collection (4% admin fee, 1% monthly interest added)

February 2021

Third notice mailed by certified mail



April 1, 2022

Foreclosure. Property vests completely to the County Treasurer


September 16, 2019

Summer tax bill is due

May 2020

County Treasurer mails delinquent tax notices

March 2021

Property is forfeited to County Treasurer.

$175 title search fee added, $60 recording fee added, 1.5% monthly interest, retroactive from previous year.

August 2022

Tax auction


September 17, 2019

Interest starts on summer tax bill, if not paid

September 2020

County Treasurer mails delinquent tax notices

June 2021

County Treasurer files petition of foreclosure to Circuit Court.

Personal visit is made to each property to serve notice on occupant.


October 2022

Second tax auction

December 1, 2019

Local treasurer issues winter 2019 tax bill

October 2020

$15 fee added

By December 15, 2021

Fourth notice is mailed by certified mail.

Notice is published in a county newspaper twice.

$10 publication fee added.

December 2022

Any unsold property is transferred to the city, village, or township. Unsold property not transferred is retained by the County.

February 29, 2020

Winter 2019 tax bill is due


January 2022

Show Cause Hearing with County Treasurer to allow certain limited challenges to the property tax and pending foreclosure.




February 2022

Foreclosure hearing at Circuit Court.





March 31, 2022

Last day to pay 2019 tax bill. All rights to redemption expire!





For more information, please call the Van Buren County Treasurer at (269) 657-8228.