Van Buren County Road Commission Road Development Policy

The Van Buren County Road Commission adopted the Road Development Policy to provide procedures to form adequate street systems with relation to public thoroughfares and new subdivision of lands.  Requirements and specifications shall apply only to subdivision of lands located outside the corporate limits of any incorporated city or village in Van Buren County and to lands within incorporated areas when such lands are adjacent to public highways under the jurisdiction of the Van Buren County Road Commission.

The contents of this publication shall not supersede any part of Act 288, Public Acts of 1967, as amended, and are to be in accordance with this Act.  All condominiums and site condominiums shall comply to the Michigan Subdivision Control Act (PA 59, Public Acts of 1978), as amended.

These published minimum requirements and specifications are subject to revision by the Board of County Road Commissioners of Van Buren County, without notice.

Click here to download the ROAD DEVELOPMENT POLICY: Road Development Policy