The sealed bidding process is a formal advertising which involves the issuance of an invitation or Notice to Bid.  Sealed bidding is how the Van Buren County Road Commission contracts competitively when its requirements are clear, accurate and complete.  A Notice to Bidders is the method used for the sealed bid process.  The Notice to Bidders typically includes a copy of the specifications for the particular proposed purchase or project with instructions for preparation of bids, any conditions, and delivery or schedule.  The Notice also designates the date and time in which sealed bids are to be received by the Van Buren County Road Commission, and the date and time of bid opening. 

Following the opening of the bid there is typically an evaluation of the bids received and a contract is usually awarded to the lowest bidder determined to be responsive and responsible, and in the best interest of the Van Buren County Road Commission.

To be placed on a Bidders List to receive Invitations and Notices, please contact the Van Buren County Road Commission at 269-674-8011, or via email at

Bid Tabulations

Dust Control Bid Tab (2017)

Drainage Pipe Bid Tab (2017)

22A Contract Gravel Bid Tab (2017)

CR380, Geneva Township, Bid Tab (2017)

CR376, Bangor Township, Bid Tab (2017)

Lubricants "As-Read" Bid Tabulation (2017)

Drape Road from CR657 to 63rd Ave., Antwerp Township, 1.5" HMA overlay with 3' gravel shoulders

64th Avenue from 22nd Street to CR652, Antwerp Township, 1.5" HMA overlay with 2' gravel shoulders and minor restoration

30th Street from Red Arrow Highway North approximately 1.21 mi., Antwerp Township, 1.5" HMA overlay with new 3' shoulders and concrete curb and gutter at Red Arrow Highway

24th Avenue from Township Line East approx. 1.5 mi., Bloomingdale Township

Van Kal from CR375 North to M-43, Almena Township, HMA Wedge and Overlay

68th Street over Camp & Root Drain, Hartford Township

78th Avenue from 36 1/2 St. to Burgess Road, Decatur Twp., trenching, widening, drainage work and new aggregate surface

Installation of box culvert on CR653 between 2nd Avenue and County Line, Pine Grove Township

CR653 from North of Bridge to Fish Lake Public Access, Almena Township, HMA top course paving with gravel shoulders

HMA base crushing and shaping on CR380 from CR681 East to Breedsville Village Limits, Columbia Township

HMA base crushing and shaping on CR352 from 42nd Street to CR669, Decatur Township

Contract Snow Plowing (Subdivisions)

Cold Patch Material

MDOT 2NS Ice Control Sand