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Opt Out of the Friend of the Court

.You are NOT eligible to opt out of the Friend of the Court if any of the following apply:

  • The children on the case are receiving any assistance from the State of Michigan. Assistance includes: cash assistance (TANF); food assistance; Medicaid; and child care assistance.
  • There is a history of domestic violence in your case.
  • There is any arrearage owing for support, fees, and/or costs.

How to Opt Out

To request to opt out of the Friend of the Court services:

  1. You must file a Motion Regarding FOC Services.
  2. Both you and the other party must sign the Advice of Rights Regarding use of FOC Services. This must be included with your Motion.
  3. You must pay a $20.00 motion fee to the Van Buren County Clerk. The clerk will accept a money order or cash. If paying with cash, pay in person at the Clerk's office. Do not mail cash. In addition to this motion fee, you may be assessed a judgement fee.
  4. You are responsible for obtaining your hearing date from the Friend of the Court office.
  5. You are responsible for serving the other party.
  6. You are responsible for making and filing all necessary copies of your paperwork.
  7. You must file your motion at the County Clerk's office. The Friend of the Court cannot accept or file this motion for you.

Opting Out of the Friend of the Court Documents