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Citizens Group - North Point

Thank you to everyone who submitted comments on North Point. If you still want to comment on North Point, please contact the County Board of Commissioners directly.

A citizen's group met to make recommendations on the North Point Conservation Area property to the Van Buren County Board of Commissioners. The citizen's group also developed options to present to the County Board of Commissioners about what to do with North Point.
In the report, the foremost recommendation to the County Board was to place a conservation easement on the property to ensure that the property remains open to the public for current and future generations. All alternatives presented would keep the property open to the public for use.

The alternative scenarios progress from #1 with limited disturbance and recreational development to #3 with more recreational development and more accessibility to the top of the dune.

Each scenario has a recommendation to develop a curriculum associated with using North Point. The curriculum could include: History facts about South Haven and Van Buren County; Geology – glacier activity, dune formation; Ecology – development of forests (succession), bird watching, measuring dune movement; Respect for nature – being quiet; Writing – narratives, poems, etc.

Below is a summary of the three alternative development scenarios, the report to the County Board and the summaries from the citizens' group meetings.

Citizens Group Meeting Summaries