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by Jennifer Fitzpatrick
Tuesday, January 13, 2015


Van Buren County Sheriff’s Office


January 13, 2015

Van Buren County Offers Assistance For Animals Through Harsh Weather Conditions.

Sheriff Dale R. Gribler, along with the Van Buren County Commissioners wishes to remind all pet owners that the Van Buren County Animal Control Office has assistance available. These unusual below average cold temperatures create a major concern for our outdoor pets. So if you are in need of emergency straw bedding and/or shelters for your outdoor pets you can call the Animal Control Office at 269-621-4624, if it after hours please leave a message and we will get back with you.



1)      If your double-coated dog will be living outside during the winter, start putting him outside early in the fall. This will give him time to develop the thick undercoat he needs for warmth.

2)      Outside dogs use more calories to keep warm in winter, so you give your dog additional food.

3)      Your dog's coat is good protection against the cold weather. Don't ever shave your dog during the winter months. Keep it thick and long. And if you bathe him, it's best to dry him completely before going outside.

4)      In cold, snowy weather make sure that if your dog is outside, he has shelter to protect him from cold wind. Giving him a bed inside the shelter will help him stay warmer because he will be off of the cold ground. Straw bales around the housing give additional protection.

5)      Fresh straw (not hay) can make a nice bed in the doghouse. It's comfortable and helps keep your dog warm. Many people who live in cold areas use this inside their dog houses.

6)      Young puppies should not be left outside when it's very cold. They can't make themselves warm like older dogs can. Keep your puppy safe and cozy inside a heated building.

7)      If you leave water outside for your dog, make sure that it does not become frozen. Your dog needs regular, cool water to drink, not ice.

8)      If you are not able to change your dog's water, you might want to buy a special heated dog dish.