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Moving Permits: Mobile Homes, Oversize and Overweight Moves

You must obtain a moving permit to move mobile homes, over-length, over-width and over-weight  structures and/or vehicles within a county road right-of-way. 


The Applicant shall furnish with their permit application proof of automobile liability, combined single limits, in the minimum amount of $1,000,000.00.  Such insurance shall cover a period of not less than the term of the permit and shall provide that it cannot be canceled without ten (10) days advance written notice by certified mail with return receipt required to the Road Commission.

Permit applications can be faxed to the Road Commission at 269-674-3770 together with proof of proper insurance coverage and a copy of the check to be put in the mail.  In addition, applications can be mailed to Post Office Box 156, Lawrence, MI 49064 together with proof of insurance and permit fees.

Links to forms are below. 

Note: For Seasonal Permits issued during Frost Law Restrictions see link to the left entitled "Weighmaster and Frost Laws".

Manufactured or Modular Home Transportation Permits:

Overweight/Oversize Vehicles (Loads):