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Local Administrative Orders

Joint Local Administrative Orders

LAO 1999-05J Waiver of Jurisdiction Over Civil Infractions Committed by Juveniles
LAO 2001-02J-03J Alternative Dispute Resolution Plan
LAO 2003-04J Adoption of Plan for the Operation of the Family Division of the Circuit Court
LAO 2003-04J Return of Bonds Posted
LAO 2012-01J Elimination of Circuit Arraignments
LAO 2013-04J-02J Language Access Plan
LAO 2015-10J Order for the Establishment of a Regional Veterans' Treatment Court
LAO C36 2015-2J D07 2015-4J P80 2015-2J Court Closings Due to Weather Emergencies
LAO C36 2015-11J D07 2015-11J Order for the Establishment of a Mental Health Court Program
LAO C36 2015-13J D07 2015-12J P80 2015-08J Caseflow Management Plan
LAO C36 2018-02J D07 2018-03J P80 2018-02J Requests for Accommodations by Persons with Disabilities
LAO C36 2016-01J D07 2016-01J P80 2016-01J Access, Inspection, Reproduction, and Creation of Court Records
LAO C36 2016-05J D07 2016-03J P80 2016-03J Court Hours and Holidays
LAO C36 2017-01J D07 2017-02J P80 2017-01J Access to Juror Questionnaires
LAO C36 2017-02J D07 2017-03J Establishment of a Driving While Impaired Court
LAO C36 2017-04J D07 2017-05J P80 2017-03J Order Adopting Plan for Appointment of Counsel for Indigent Parties
LAO C36 2017-08J D07 2017-07J P80 2017-05J - Assignment of Cases
LAO C36 2017-09J D07 2017-08J P80 2017-06J Judicial Plan for Availability
LAO C36 2018-01J, D07 2018-01J, P80 2018-01J Concurrent Jurisdiction Plan
LAO C36 2019-02J, D07 2019-01J, P80 2019-01J Court Closing Due to Staff Training
LAO C36 2019-03J, D07 2019-02J, Comprehensive Security Policy and joint LAO

Circuit Court Local Administrative Orders

LAO 1992-03 Clerk's Duty to Provide Copies of Forms Approved by the State Court Administrator
LAO 1993-02 Friend of the Court Credit Deletion
LAO 1999-01 Child Support Recommendations
LAO 1999-04 Circuit Court Collections Plan for Outstanding Receivables
LAO 2009-01 Drug Treatment Court
LAO 2009-05 Appointment of Domestic Relations Attorney Referee Bullard
LAO 2011-01 Surcharge Provisions of Public Act 193 of 2009
LAO 2013-02 Swift and Sure Sanction Probation Program
LAO 2013-03 Family Treatment Court
LAO 2015-06 FOC Access to Records
LAO 2015-12 Order for Establishment of a Juvenile Mental Health Court Program
LAO 2015-15 Appointment of Family Division Attorney Referee (Domestic Relations and Juvenile)
LAO C36 2016-02 Domestic Relations Hearings
LAO C36 2016-03 Cases Involving Children Absent from Court Ordered Placement without Legal Permission
LAO C36 2017-05 MAACS Regional Pilot Project
LAO C36 2017-06 Appointment of Family Division Attorney Referee - Jenny Stone
LAO C36 2019-01 Plan for Remote Hearings on Support and Parenting Time Enforcement Act Bench Warrant

District Court Local Administrative Orders

LAO 1991-01 File Checks and Record Checks
LAO 1996-02 Judicial Assignments
LAO 2015-03 Appointment of Attorney Magistrate

Probate Court Local Administrative Orders

LAO 2019-02 Authority for Probate Register to Perform Judicial Acts