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Land Preservation Board

Land Preservation Program Information

AJ Brucks, Executive Director
Van Buren Conservation District
1035 E. Michigan Avenue
Paw Paw, MI. 49079
Phone: (269) 657-4030 x 5
Email: alison.brucks@mi.nacdnet.net

Land Preservation Board Members:

Bill Lawson, Chair - Farmer representative
Dave Foerster, Vice-Chair - Landowner representative
Julie Pioch, Treasurer - Environmentalist representative
AJ Brucks, Secretary - Conservation District representative
Kurt Doroh - Realtor representative
Ted Major - Farmer representative
Bill VanTassel- Elected Official representative of Almena Twp.
Kim Thompson- Elected Official representative of Lawrence Twp.
Jeff Radtke/Scott Cedarquist - County Planning Commission representative (shared seat)
Dick Godfrey - Board of Commissioners representative