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IVR - Automated Phone System

Telephone System – You will need to call one of two numbers depending on the nature of your call. Following is an explanation of which telephone number you need to call for different services:

If you want to obtain specific case information 24 hours a day, you will need to dial 877-543-2660.This is the number for the Interactive Voice Response system (IVR). This will include things such as last payment and balance, last month’s payment summary, support show cause hearing information, income withholding information, etc. You will also need to dial this number to 1) report stolen or lost checks, 2) to sign up for, or to change information for the direct deposit of child support payments, or 3) to re-set your Personal Identification Number (PIN).The Automated Voice Response System exists to assist you in efficiently obtaining information related to your case. The Friend of the Court staff asks that you use this tool first before contacting the appropriate department in an effort to process your inquiries in a timely manner. 

The IVR is available to clients 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You may obtain information about your case, including:

  • PAYMENT INFORMATION: Last Payment & Balance; Last 3 Payments & Balance; Report Lost or Stolen Checks; Direct Deposit Sign-up or Changes; Last Month's Payment Summary
  • ENFORCEMENT INFORMATION: Show Cause Hearing Information and Income Withholding Information
  • REQUEST FOR FORMS: Choose from the list of available options. Forms will be mailed in 1-2 business days


  1.  Dial 877-543-2660.
  2.  Enter 826 for Van Buren County 

  3.  Select Van Buren County
  4.  For first time users, set Personal Identification Number (PIN). If PIN already exists, enter PIN.
  5. Make selections from the menu.
  6. If Payment & Enforcement Information is selected, enter your Social Security Number.
  7.  Your inquiry can be ended at any time by hanging up. 

To access your case specific information through the IVR, you must have your social security number and personal identification number (PIN) available. You chose your own PIN. Use the same PIN every time you call. If you need a new PIN, request a PIN reset form through the IVR. If you have a child support case in more than one county in Michigan, you will need the same PIN for all cases. If you need to speak to a person in the Friend of the Court Office you will need to dial (269)657-7734. You should call this number if you have any questions regarding parenting time or custody, or if you have questions that cannot be answered by using the IVR.