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Forms For Your Use

You may print the forms below free of charge and mail them to the address on the form. These same forms are also available in our office; some motions and forms have a $1.00 charge. Please note that there are filing and judgment fees assessed to file motions. You may contact the county clerk at 269-657-8218 to find out the filing and judgment fees.

When filing paperwork in a domestic relations case, please use this checklist.

Please ensure that you are using the most recent Uniform Child Support Order (FOC10b or FOC10c) OR Uniform Spousal Support Order (FOC10 or FOC10a).

Please Note: When submitting a Motion Regarding Support, Motion Regarding Parenting Time, or Motion Regarding Custody; you must provide the original plus three copies of the form and any attachments at the time of filing. Please read the instructions carefully!

Forms & Documents: