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Forms For Your Use


When filing paperwork in a domestic relations case, please use this checklist.

Please read all form instructions carefully!

Please ensure that you are using the most recent form when submitting a:

    • FOC10b or FOC10c Uniform Child Support Order
    • FOC10 or FOC10a Uniform Spousal Support Order

You must provide the original plus three copies of the form and any attachments when you file these forms:

    • FOC 50 Motion Regarding Support
    • FOC 65 Motion Regarding Parenting Time
    • VBC-0522 Motion Regarding Custody

Motions, objections, and similar forms:

Financial forms:

Interpreter forms:

Other forms:

These forms are also available in our office, however some motions and forms have a $1.00 charge. Please note that there are filing and judgment fees assessed to file motions. For specific information about fees, you may contact the county clerk.