Family Reunification Court

What is Family Reunification Court?

The Van Buren County Family Reunification Court (FRC) is a voluntary, intensive treatment program for child welfare involved parents with substance abuse problems and their children.

The purpose of the FRC is to protect the safety and welfare of children while giving parents the tools they need to become sober, responsible caregivers.

Who is eligible for Family Reunification Court?

 Family Reunification Brochure

What is the structure of Family Reunification Court?

FRC is designed to be a minimum of 12 months, 5 stage program, with increased activities in the early phases and decreased activities in the later phases. Random drug testing is required.

Why should I consider Family Reunification Court?

Family Reunification Court serves an alternative method to make your family whole again. Though it is not required for someone to participate in, Family Reunification Court provides a better chance to reunite you with your loved ones. The program is intensive but it allows the participant to secure effective and efficient drug treatment while acquiring the knowledge to be a more succesful parent.

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 Family Reunification Court
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