Directory of Officials and Employees


As of February 10, 2014

Village Council and Employees, and Various Boards, Committees and Commissions, Designation of Legal Counsel, and other Officially Required Appointments and Namings


Village Council:

President, Roman Plaszczak

President Pro-tem, Michael Pioch

Council Members: Marcos Flores, Nadine Jarvis, Eric Larcinese,

Mary McIntosh and Donne Rohr


Village Hall Staff:

Larry Nielsen, Manager

Becky Gregory, Payroll/Insurance

Missy Leonard, Treasurer/Utility Billing

Christopher Tapper, Clerk, AP/AR, FOIA Officer

Community Development Coordinator, Leonard Lux


Department of Public Services:

John Small, Director

Receptionist: Janet Rohl

Water/Wastewater Superintendent, Robert Harvey

Lab Technician, Douglas Nobel

Motor Pool Superintendent, Trace Kirvan

Mechanic, Bruce Henderson

Electric Department Superintendent, Bill Crook

Electricians, Gordy Myers and Kenneth Springer,

Water, Streets, and Parks: Rusty Reitz, Gerald Schur, Mike Jordan, Juan Vasquez, Pat Richardson and Lori Middaugh 


Police Department:

Chief of Police, Eric Marshall

Sergeants: Allen Parsell and Kirk Goodrich

Corporal: Eric Rottman

Officers: Timothy McMeekan II, Darron Williams, Randy Whitmore, Larry Weers, and Jason Erickson

Office Manager: Teresa Svilpe

Part/Time Records Assistant, Claudia Barrett

School Crossing Guards: Jerry and Janet Tessman


Village Council Annual Governmental Appointments: (All March 31st of each year.)

·       President Pro-Temp: Michael Pioch

·       Public Services Committee: Trustees Marcos Flores, Nadine Jarvis and Mary McIntosh

·       Finance and Administration Committee:  Trustees Donne Rohr, Michael Pioch, and Eric Larcinese

·       Fire Board: (appointed until replaced) Trustee Eric Larcinese and Trustee Donne Rohr as the alternate

·       Parks and Recreation: Serving at the pleasure of the Village Council, no specific term.  Current appointments: John Small, Roman Plaszczak, Nadine Jarvis, Richard Schallhorn, Ted Major and Larry Nielsen.

·       Historical Commission: Serving as pleasure of the Village Council no specific term.  Current appointments: Deborah Klinger, Edward Smietana, Ginger Smietana, Roman Plaszczak, Daniel Ozanich, Thomas Shoemaker and Larry Nielsen.

·       Village Auditor and Accountants: Auditor - Berthiaume & Company.  Accounting supervision - Siegfried Crandall CPA PC. 

·       Legal Counsel:  Attorney Kelly Page and Attorney Gary Stewart, General Counsel and Prosecution; Mark DuBay, General Counsel (for conflicting cases).  John Patrick White, Varnum Law for labor matters. Warner Norcross & Judd LLP for environmental matters.

·       Financial Institutions: Keystone Community Bank and others as per CEDARS program. 

·       Official Publication: Paw Paw Courier Leader and Kalamazoo Gazette (in case of emergency)

·       Building and Electrical Permits and Inspections: Associated Government Services.  Sign and Licenses, Clerk Christopher Tapper and Manager Larry Nielsen.

·       Occupancy Permit/Structure Inspections and Enforcement: Community Development Coordinator, Leonard Lux

·       Inspection and Code Enforcement: Blight, Accumulated Trash and Rubbish, Weeds and Grasses; Community Development Coordinator Leonard Lux. Vehicles and parking, Chief Eric Marshall and sworn departmental personnel.  

·       Planning Consultant: Rebecca Harvey

·       FOIA Officer: Clerk Christopher Tapper

Termed Appointments  (All terms expire March 31st of each year.)

·          Miller Court Housing Commission: (5 members, 5-year terms): Terms begin and end in October each year.  Current appointments: Carol Beckman (2014); Kathleen Cullitan 2015 (tenant Rep.); Nancy Waterworth (2016), Sue Danielson (2018), Donne Rohr (term with Council).  Group will select Chairperson.

·          Downtown Development Authority: (13 members, 4-year terms): Current appointments: John Schincairol, Mary Lou Hartwell, Ellyn Jones and Steve Racette 2014; Brian Lietzau, Sid Shank, Pat Lynch and Richard Strand (2015).  Harold Schuitmaker, Ben Fleckenstein, Jessica Sylvester, Grace Gant (2016), and Roman Plaszczak (term as Council). 

·          Planning Commission: (7 members, 3-year terms through 3-31-annually).  Current appointments: Kathy Larsen and Dave Bogen (2013-2016); Elise Craft 2011-2014); Mike Pioch (term with Council); Eloise Hildebrandt (2011-2014); Mike Thomas and Dalton (Chuck) Rumsey (2012-2015).

·          Wine and Harvest Board: Approved once selected by the W&H Festival Board of Directors

·          Economic Development Committee (Formerly the Revolving Loan Board): (7 members, 3-year terms). Serving at the pleasure of the Council.  Current appointments: Brain Lietzau, Christine Jaworowski, Kathy Larson, Trustee McIntosh, President Roman Plaszczak, Manager Larry Nielsen and Attorney Kelly Page.  All serving until otherwise determined.

·          Zoning Board of Appeals: (5 members, 3-year terms; serving through March 31st each year).  Current appointments: Barbara Carpenter (2013-2016); Marcos Flores (term with Council).  Julie Pioch and George Kolosar (2014); John Hunt (2015).