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2017 Days of Review - Drainage District Boundaries & Apportionment of Benifit




DATE:                         August 31, 2017

TIME:                         9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

LOCATION:              Van Buren County Museum Building

                                    226 E. Michigan Ave.

                                    Paw Paw, Michigan 49079

 QUESTIONS:  (269) 468-9032

Please leave a detailed voicemail. All calls are returned in the order received. 

The Day of Review is an opportunity to review the Drainage District boundaries and apportionment of benefit for the Drains listed below with the Drain Commissioner or a staff member. A map of the proposed Drainage District boundary revisions can be found on the Van Buren County Drain Commissioner’s website at: www.vbco.org/drain.asp.  

The Drain Commissioner, engineers, and/or other staff members will be available to assist individuals throughout the day, and make revisions where necessary. There is no need to schedule an appointment for a specific time on the Day of Review. The computation of costs for the Drains listed above will also be available at the Day of Review. Drain assessments are collected in the same manner as property taxes and will appear on your winter tax bill. If drain assessments are being collected for more than one (1) year, you may pay the assessment in full with any interest to date at any time and avoid further interest charges.

Persons with disabilities needing accommodations for effective participation in the Day of Review should contact the Drain Commissioner’s Office at the phone number listed above (voice) or through the Michigan Relay Center at 7-1-1 (TDD) at least 24 hours in advance of the Day of Review to request mobility, visual, hearing or other assistance. 

You may appeal the Drain Commissioner’s decision to revise the district boundary to the Van Buren County Circuit Court within ten (10) days, and you may also appeal the determination of apportionments to the Van Buren County Probate Court within ten (10) days. 

Joe Parman

Van Buren County Drain Commissioner

Recently, the County purchased Lidar data as part of the aerial photography fly-over of Van Buren County.  The Lidar data was converted to one-foot contour lines that show detailed elevations of Van Buren County.  The cost of converting Lidar data to contour lines was covered by a grant through the Van Buren County Drain Commissioner (minus 10% match).  

With the new more accurate data the Drain Commissioner, under section 197 of the Drain Code could review the old drainage districts with the help of licensed engineers.  A majority of the county drain drainage districts were established in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s.  Considering the tools and lack of technology, the drainage districts were pretty good for the times.  However, the new technology and data have proven to be more accurate and a better representation of the drainage district boundaries. 

Under section 197 of the Drain Code it is required to have a Day of Review (DOR) of Drainage District Boundaries and Review of Apportionments.  The current DOR set for August 31, 2017 is covering 37 Drainage Districts.  The grant received by the Drain Commissioner covers most of the costs (minus match).  The minimal costs not covered by the grant or monies in an individual drain account are included in the drain assessments.  In addition, some of the drain assessments include monies from recent maintenance projects, survey/engineering and future maintenance monies/projects.  15 of the 37 drains do not have costs as part of the Day of Review and Apportionment.  This is due to the monies from the grant or monies already in the individual drain accounts. 



DOR FAQ Information Sheet

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New Drainage District Maps:


Brandywine Creek District Map                Martin Lake District Map

Allen Drain District Map                                Mead Swamp District Map

Bean Drain District Map                                 Moore Drain District Map

Billsborough District Map                             McCullough Farnsworth District Map

Brandywine Lake District Map                   North Drain District Map

Bush Drain District Map                                 East Branch of North Drain Map

Carr Drain District Map                                   Oglesby Drain District Map

Clement Drain District Map                        Rohloff Drain District Map

Covey Hill Drain District Map                     Sage Drain District Map

Doty Drain District Map                                 Shears & Chase District Map

Geneva & South Haven Rd Map                Shugars Drain District Map

Grove Drain District Map                               Spice Bush District Map

Hoffman Mumford District Map             Squires Drain District Map

Jones & Allen District Map                          Teman Drain District Map

Kendall Drain District Map                         Thayer Lake District Map

Kidney Drain District Map                           Tolles Swamp District Map

King & McCoy District Map                         Valleau Drain District Map

Lacota Drain District Map                           Wilson #2 Drain District Map

Lyle Lake District Map