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Van Buren County Courts

Van Buren County Judges

Left to Right: Judge Arthur Clarke, Judge Jeffrey Dufon, Judge Kathleen Brickley, Judge Michael McKay, Judge David DiStefano

Vision Statement:

We will lead, and deliver the highest measure of justice, with integrity and innovative thought.

Mission Statement:

Our mission is to serve and administer justice in a manner that inspires public trust.

Core Values:

Strive:                        Treat all court users with civility, honor, dignity, and respect.

Equal:                        Provide impartial justice while ensuring our court is accessible to all users.

Responsible:         Maintain transparency and accountability in the use of public resources.

Visionary:                Improve the quality of justice by using technology, innovation, and progressive approaches.

Independent:       Preserve the independence of the court as an institution and separate branch of government.

Collaborative:      Use public outreach and stakeholder relationships to build a safer community.

Exceptional:          Build a unified court through teamwork and staff development designed to improve public service.

Court Dashboard - (Statistics and Performance Reports)

Van Buren County Courts - Courtroom Decorum Policy