Van Buren County Building Authority

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A Since 1960, the Van Buren County Building Authority has constructed, renovated and equipped facilities used by the county and other governmental entities.  The Authority is a governmental non-profit corporation authorized by state law and created by the County Board of Commissioners, and is managed by its own five-member Commission.

The original Articles of Incorporation were adopted in 1960, amended in 1989, and then amended and restated in July of 2016. 

Van Buren County Building Authority Commission & Staff

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Wayne Nelson Chairperson Appointed Member to 12/31/2019
Ryan Post Vice-Chairperson & Accounting Officer Automatic Member as Finance Director
Trisha Nesbitt  Treasurer Automatic Member as County Treasurer
Paul DeYoung Member Appointed Member to 12/31/2021
Robert Linderman Member Appointed Member to 12/31/2020


Suzie Roehm Secretary Automatic Secretary as County Clerk
Beth Saidla Deputy Secretary Chief Deputy County Clerk
John Faul Executive Director County Administrator
Anna Cerven Clerical Support Administrator's Admin Assistant