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Brownfield Redevelopment Authority

Board and Staff

Created:                June 2002

Appointed by:   Van Buren County Board of Commissioners

Members:            8 appointed members plus 1 member of the Board of Commissioners

Terms:                    3 years     

Brownfield Board Members:

Name Position Term Expires Community of Interest
Lisa Phillips Chairperson 6/1/2018 Environmental industry
Jan Petersen Vice-Chair 6/1/2018 Preservation and conservation
Sarah Moyer-Cale Member 6/1/2018 Local government
Ed VanderVries Treasurer 6/1/2019 Property tax administration
Cynthia Compton Member 6/1/2019 Land development
Zachary Morris Member 6/1/2020 Economic Development industry
Kate Hosier Member 6/1/2019 City of South Haven
Jeff Mills Member 6/1/2018 Public schools
Gail Patterson-Gladney Member When changed Board of Commissioners


Support Staff:

Name Position Status
Erik Peterson Environmental Consultant Envirologic Technologies Inc.
Pamela Jackson Marketing Consultant Envirologic Technologies Inc. 
Wayne Nelson Authority Administrator Van Buren County fiscal staff


For more info about the Brownfield Redevelopment Authority, please click here.