Bob-O-Link Estates 433 Drain Petition and BOD

**May  2019 Updates:

1.  Easements went out to property owners in mid-November: Property owners along and off of Main Street have either not signed their easements yet, in negotiation or in the process of condemnation.  We cannot bid/construct project and finalize legal county drain until all easements are signed.

2. MDEQ has all the requested information and considers our submittal completed.  Public comment time on the permit has ended, however, question from public comment have resulted in further issues that need to be addressed.  Further information is being provided to the MDEQ and the permit has not been issued and is delayed. 

3. The temporary pumping is still in place.  Since June 1, 2018, we have pumped over 400 million gallons of water. 

Prior Updates:   

Friday, December 7th:  Pumping ramp over Main Street was removed.  Pumping pipe is now buried under Main Street until drain project can be completed.

December 27th:  Pump at Bob-O-Link Estates would not prime and needed to be replaced.  December 28th, 11:00 a.m.; new pump delivered and hooked up. 

Since pumps were installed on June 1, 2018 over 400 million gallons of water has been pump to the Cook Drain on 25th Street. - Bob-O-Link Estates pump went down on February 13th and a new pump was installed on February 15th

**February 2019 Updates:

1.  Easements have been out to property owners for over 100 days: Property owners along and off of Main Street have either not signed their easements yet or refused to sign their easements.  We cannot bid/construct project and finalize legal county drain until all easements are signed.

2. MDEQ has all the requested information and considers our submittal completed.  The permit will go out to Public Notice for 30 days before the permit can be issued.

3.  Bob-O-Link Estates pump went down on February 13th and a new pump was installed on February 15th. 

Rain/precipitation Data:

 2018 February 18th to September 13th:  33.72 inches

2017  February 18th to September 13th:  19.71 inches

                                                                                                                14.01 inches more rain in 2018 (so far, up to Sept 13th)

Average For Area (entire year): 39 inches

Sept. 1st to Dec. 1st 2017 we received 17.09 inches of rain

Groundwater Table Data for Kalamazoo County, same area just east of Mattawan (R12W T3S):

- Groundwater Table up 3 feet since 2017

- Groundwater Table up 4 feet from 2015 and 2016

- In 2009 Groundwater Table was at a 50 year high 

-  2018 groundwater table is 2 feet higher than in 2009

- Kalamazoo County Groundwater Data Graphs(click for information)

(Based on USGS Groundwater Data, Kalamazoo wells, no current data for Mattawan specifically)

*UPDATES - Bob-O-Link Estates Drain Petition, Temporary Pumping

1.  May 23, 2018 Board of Determination Meeting – Board Determined Petition Necessary.

2.  May 23-25:  Worked on Temporary Easements for pumping across private property.  Contacted pumping company for possible pump deployment.  Unable to get pumping ordered due to holiday weekend and temporary easements not being secured.

3.  May 29 – June 1:  Finalized temporary easements for pumping. 

4.  May 31 & June 1:  Secured delivery of Large pump, piping and road crossings for installation.  Larger pump came from Chicago area.  Improved and cleaned 25th Street roadside ditch to handle and convey pumping water to Cook Drain. 

5.  May 31:  Smaller pump deployed on 25th Street to help relieve flooding issues.

6.  June 1, 2018, 4:15 pm:  Large pump from Bronson retention pond (overflow of Bob-O-Link Pond) to 25th Street, Cook Drain was activated.  **Pump is moving over 2 million gallons a day**

7.  June 2:  Bronson parking lot and Main Street area pumped down.   Pump still bringing down Bronson retention pond that receives overflow waters from Bob-O-Link retention pond as of June 4, 2018.

8.  June 4, 2018: Installation of medium sized pump activated in Bob-O-Link Estate retention pond to Bronson pond – Large pump location. 

9.  Planning, research, survey and collection of data for long-term solution – Branch of Bob-O-Link Estates Drain to Cook Drain in progress. 

10.  September/October 2018:

          a.  Finalized design plans

          b. Securing easements along route & course of drain.  **Require to have all

                easements before "final order", legally established county drain(branch). 

          c.  MDEQ permitting for out-letting into the Cook Drain(waters of the state)

          d. The bidding out of the drain project and construction cannot start until easements

                 are obtained.   The start of  construction  or portions of the construction could also

                 be contingent upon MDEQ  permitting.  

          e.  Depending on time frame of easement acquisition and MDEQ permitting, the  

                 estimated start of construction would be late fall early winter 2018.

           f.  The pumps will remain in place until construction is started or completed. 

                  (weather dependent:  i.e., construction into freezing temperature)

           g.  25th Street Branch may have to be moved out of road right-of-way, two fiber

                  are located in the ditch line.  As a result, the current road side ditch cannot be

                 lowered and will have to be move east of current road ditch in order to get the

                 water to drain properly. 

**The pump at Bronson had to be replaced on Sunday, October 7th due to bearing failure

     on vacuum pump.  A new pump was brought over from Chicago and replaced on Sunday

     at 3:00 p.m..

                                                                                                                                                                    Main Street Area Flooding, February 2018

Feb Main street-Bronson Flooding 


DATE:           May 23, 2018
TIME:            2:00 p.m.


Antwerp Township Hall
24821 Front Street
Mattawan, MI 49071

QUESTIONS:  269-657-8241



A Board of Determination will meet at the above date, time and location to hear all interested persons, receive evidence and determine whether the maintenance, improvement and extension of the drain, as set forth in the petition, dated March 26, 2018, is necessary and conducive to the public health, convenience or welfare, and whether said maintenance, improvement and extension is necessary for the protection of the public health in the following municipalities: Village of Mattawan, Antwerp Township, pursuant to Chapter 8 of Public Act 40 of 1956, as amended.

A presentation will be made to the Board of Determination outlining a brief history of the Drain and Drainage District, and describing the roles, responsibilities and decisions made by a Board of Determination.  The presentation is to provide background for landowners and municipalities in the drainage district and to facilitate the dissemination of information and the receipt of testimony of landowners in the Drainage District.  The Board of Determination will make decisions at the end of the meeting.

Proceedings conducted at this public meeting will be subject to the provisions of the Michigan Open Meetings Act.  Information regarding this meeting may be obtained from the Van Buren County Drain Commissioner’s Office located at 219 East Paw Paw Street, Suite 301, Paw Paw, MI 49079. 

Persons with disabilities needing accommodations for effective participation in the meeting should contact the Drain Commissioner at the number listed above or through the Michigan Relay Center at 7-1-1 (TDD) at least 24 hours in advance of the meeting to request mobility, visual, hearing or other assistance. 

Anyone aggrieved by the decisions of the Board of Determination may seek judicial review pursuant to MCL 280.72(3) and MCL 280.72a.

                                                                        Joe Parman

                                                                        Van Buren County Drain Commissioner

On February 19-21, 2018 the Bob-O-Link Estates area received over 3 inches of rainfall and a snow melt of over 2 feet on already frozen/saturated ground.  As a result, the surrounding area outside of Bob-O-Link Estates 433 Drain overwhelmed the northern retention basin resulting in overflowing water to the west.  This extensive flooding overwhelmed N. Main Street near Bronson and Moli-Land, Inc.  A similar but smaller event happened in spring of 2017 resulting in Bob-O-Links northern retention basin overflowing as well.  Over the years, this has happened on several occasions during large rain events. 

The jurisdiction of the County Drain Commissioner is limited to the Bob-O-Links Estates 433 Drain in the immediate area.  As a result, a petition by the Village of Mattawan was submitted on March 26, 2018 to the Drain Commissioner in efforts to help alleviate future flooding issues.  The petition started the process of determining whether the extension, maintenance and improvements of the Bob-O-Link Estate 433 Drain is necessary and conductive to the public health, convenience or welfare decided by a Board of Determination(BOD), public hearing.  This process is outlined in Public Act 40 of 1956, The Michigan Drain Code. 

Notices were sent out to the area effected by the possible extension, maintenance and improvement of the Bob-O-Link Estates 433 Drain.  Information, reference material and documents on the BOD, public hearing and county drain are included on this webpage.   

truck - main street flooding

BOD Facts

Large pump in Bronson Parking area

Discharge pipe


Discharge area east of 25th

25th Road Ditch

Reference Material/Documents:

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                                                                                                                                                                                                North Main Street Flooding February 2018

Area of Interest

Area of Interest