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Bangor Township Cemeteries

There are four cemeteries within Bangor Township as listed below. Unfortunately records for these cemeteries are terribly incomplete. The township clerk is taking steps to reconstruct as many of these records as possible into a digital database. This effort may take a number of years. Until then we invite you to visit the Find a Grave website by clicking on the name of each of our cemeteries. By doing so your browser will open a new window opened to the cemetery requested on Find a Grave website. There you may find information of those buried at the cemetery. The information at this site is incomplete, if you believe a relative is buried at one of our cemeteries and can not find them at Find a Grave you may make a request here for help.

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Thomas Cemetery
The Thomas Cemetery is located on the west side of 66th St. approx. 0.5 miles south of 34th Ave.

Taylor Cemetery
The Taylor Cemetery is located on the west side of 60th St. approx. 0.4 miles south of CR 378.

Southard Cemetery
The Southard Cemetery is located on the west side of CR 681 at the corner of 44th Ave.

Van Auken (Goss) Cemetery
The Van Auken Cemetery is located on the east side of CR 687 approx. 0.5 miles south of CR 376. (This cemetery is an old inactive cemetery which can not be seen from the road.)