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36th Judicial Circuit Court

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Juvenile Court


The Juvenile Division of the Family Court handles various types of cases, including:

* Juvenile delinquency - offenses committed
  by youth under 17 years of age.

* Status offenses: A offense that is not illegal for an adult (i.e., incorrigibility,  runaway, truancy.)

* Neglect/Abuse: cases involving the neglect and/or
  abuse of children under 18 years of age.

* Adoptions

* Juvenile Guardianships

Language Access Plan

Language Access Coordinator

Payment Methods:

  • Exact Cash, Money Order or Check (made out to Juvenile Court) and credit/debit cards are accepted at the Juvenile Court payment window.
  • Payment on-line at http://www.govpaynow.com/ with credit/debit (need case # and pay location code of 5250).
  • Pay credit/debit by phone at 1-888-604-7888 (need case # and pay location code of 5250).
  • Mail payment:  
    Juvenile Court
    Attn: Finance Department
    212 Paw Paw Street, Suite 240
    Paw Paw, MI 49079
This page last updated on 5/10/2017.
36th Circuit Court Family Division Juvenile Court
212 Paw Paw Street, Ste 240
Paw Paw, MI 49079
Fax (269)657-8275
General Email: juvenilem@vbco.org
Office Hours:
Monday-Friday 8:30am-5:00pm
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Judge Jeffrey Dufon

Family Division Administrator Lynn Bullard

Deputy Administrator  Veronica Stillson

Referee/Probation Supervisor Michael J Winston

Referee Lynda Pioch


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