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36th Judicial Circuit Court

The 36th Circuit Court has original jurisdiction in all civil cases with claims of more than $25,000 and criminal cases where the offense is a felony or serious misdemeanor. The family division of circuit court handles all domestic relations cases. The Friend of the Court handles domestic relations cases involving minor children. 
The 36th Circuit Court is open Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. except for holidays.
This page last updated on 8/15/2014.

County Circuit Court

Circuit Court Judges

Kathleen M. Brickley
Jeffrey J. Dufon

Circuit Court Judge Kathleen M. Brickley [Click here to view full size picture]    Circuit Court Judge Jeffrey J. Dufon  [Click here to view full size picture]

Judge Brickley's Biography

Court Administrator
Frank Hardester
Phone: 269-657-8200 ext. 2340
Fax: 269-657-2613
Email: HardesterF@vbco.org


Judicial Secretary/Assignment Clerk
Criminal Division
Linda Sekula
Phone:  269-657-8200 ext. 2345
E-mail:  SekulaL@vbco.org
Judicial Secretary/Assignment Clerk
Civil Division
Margaret Grote
Phone:  269-657-8200 ext. 2342
E-mail:  GroteM@vbco.org
Deputy Court Clerk/PPO/ADR
Civil Division
Cathy Munther
Phone:  269-657-8200 ext. 2346
E-mail:  MuntherC@vbco.org
Deputy Court Clerk/Jury Clerk
Criminal Division
Melissa Williams
Phone:  269-657-8200 ext. 2211
E-mail:  WilliamsM@vbco.org 


Law Clerk
Sasha Boersma

Phone: 269-657-8200 ext. 2396
E-mail: BoersmaS@vbco.org


Court Reporter
Tamela Beam
Phone: 269-657-8200 ext. 2201
E-mail: BeamT@vbco.org

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