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Animal Adoption


Hello and Welcome to our Van Buren County Community Pet Information Center!

This page has been created to showcase some of our animals. Please understand not all pets entering this facility will be photographed or posted. Social media is a fabulous tool, but direct contact with shelter staff is vital.

If you are missing a pet, please call and file a LOST REPORT.
Email pictures to AnimalControl@vbco.org.
If you have found a pet, please call and file a FOUND REPORT.
Email pictures to AnimalControl@vbco.org
Van Buren County Animal Control:  269-621-4624.
Van Buren County Animal Control after hours: email EvettT@vbco.org
You may also use this search to find current animals for adoption.
~ click on a slide to view more information on an animal ~
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This page last updated on 4/25/2015.

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